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2017 Career Development Roundtable

At ArtTable New York's 2017 Career Development Roundtable, one of our longest standing and most impactful career programs for rising professionals in the visual arts, welcomed more than 100 emerging professionals for career advice and inspiration. Students had the opportunity to gather around selected tables for open and engaged conversations with leading professional women in the visual arts, to learn about their diverse career paths and experiences, to gain insights and advice for their own career development, and to network and build future relationships with peers and mentors. 
Career topics explored this year included: appraiser | art advisor | art fairs | art publishing | auction houses and online art businesses | collection management, registrar and archivist | curator and art historian | development and fundraising | gallerist and dealer | museum and nonprofit directors | public programing and museum education | public relations, marketing and social media. 

This annual Fall event is organized by ArtTable in collaboration with the Master's Program in Art Market Studies at FIT, with additional sponsorship provided by the Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA). 

To view a video of this program click here

For additional information please contact roundtable@arttable.org or call 212-343-1735, ext 12. 
Comments from this years participants:
"The best way to learn about your field of study is through face to face conversations with professionals" 
"Women in the visual arts world are willing to help each other to achieve their goals, and here are plenty of opportunities to meet the right people"
"Don't be afraid to reach out to people in the field, most people are very welcoming and will be willing to speak with you"
"The overall theme of the program and advice on the importance of making connections, and building and maintaining relationships was very important to me"
"The variety of interests and backgrounds of my peers was an insightful experience. There are many different paths to take that could lead me where I'd like to go

It gave me a new perspective on how to approach my job search"
"The program further solidified that working in the arts is the right career for me"
"This program was extraordinarily helpful in career planning and networking, and it was very encouraging to hear from so many professional women"