The New Leadership Award

2015 New Leadership Awardee, Naomi Beckwith 
photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan

The New Leadership Award was first introduced 
as part of ArtTable's 25th anniversary celebration. Twelve Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts awardees were asked to select 12 future leaders whose early-career accomplishment and distinguished service merited national and international recognition in the professional visual arts community. The criteria for their selection included career trajectory, diversity and accomplishment.

Since that time we have selected 19 women for this award, among them Naomi Beckwith (who recently joined our Board of Directors), Amy Sadao, Sarah Douglas, Cecilia Alemani, Shamim Momin and Christine Y. Kim, Sarah Elizabeth Lewis, Andrea Barnwell, Melissa Chiu, Fairfax Dorn and Virginia Lebermann, Laura Hoptman, Marysol Nieves, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, and Olga Viso--all women who had made and continue to make significant contributions to their arts professions.

The 2014 award was a Steuben Glass Star Stream, one of a limited edition of individually crafted pieces. From 2005-2012, the award was represented by a silver-nitrate plaque by Jenny Holzer from her Survival series, reading “Use What Is Dominant in a Culture to Change It Quickly”.