ArtTable Anniversaries

ArtTable2011 Conference & Gala Benefit
April 15 – 17, 2011
In April 2011, ArtTable's year-long celebration of its 30th Anniversary culminated in a full weekend of high-profile activities including a multi-day professional development conference and a Gala Benefit.
ArtTable2011 | Advancing Leadership and Professional Development in the Visual Arts, a conference celebrating women’s leadership and addressing the future of the field of visual arts, was hosted by Lisa Dennison at Sotheby’s on April 15th -17th. During the opening ceremony of ArtTable2011, ArtTable Founder Lila Harnett was lauded with the 18th Annual Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts Award (DSVA).
In addition, ArtTable's Gala Benefit at MoMA on Saturday, April 16th, celebrated the transformative careers of leading women in the arts through the 30th Honors and Artist Honors. Over 400 members and guests attended this highly anticipated event co-chaired by Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and Agnes Gund. 

30th Honors
ArtTable's 30th Honors recognized the careers of thirty leading women whose significant contributions have transformed the field of the visual arts. 

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“Women have always been a driving force in the visual arts,” said ArtTable Board President and Curator at the Museum of Arts & Design Lowery Stokes Sims. “This is reflected in the leaders we recognized during our celebration and the impact that they have had on the landscape of the art world. They are exemplars of professional and personal excellence, whose influence guides us as we consider the future of the field and ArtTable’s role in advancing women’s leadership.”

Artist Honors
Our Gala Benefit profiled women's leadership by recognizing artists whose contributions to the field have impact beyond traditional studio practice. 
ArtTable’s Artist Honors allow us to celebrate the ways that many leaders in the arts draw inspiration from their studio practice to transform the field, its institutions and its structures.

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ArtTable2011 | Advancing Leadership and Professional Development in the Visual Arts
Professional Development Conference

April 15-17, 2011

Distinguished Service ot the Visual Arts Award (DSVA)
The annual Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts Award was presented during the conference opening reception on Friday, April 15 at Sotheby's to ArtTable Founder Lila Harnett for her exceptional contributions to the visual arts. The evening was attended by over 200 members and guests, and was opened by ArtTable President Lowery Stokes Sims and Executive Director Dena Muller. Special remarks were given by colleague and long-time friend of Harnett, Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz.

"I got to know Lila and we would meet each other socially, and we found that we had much in common. And the main thing we had in common was that we were women who worked and thought we were very professional. Lila told me a little bit about her fantasy. Her husband had this club as a professional that he had this wide network of friends who would all come and meet for lunch once a month, and they networked. And this enriched his life, especially his professional life. So Lila asked, "why don't we women do that?" She had this vision, and enough energy to put it into power. What began as a little group of 8 women, became 20 women; and before long, we couldn't stop it. Everybody wanted to join. It was about people who wanted to be professional, whose work was important to them, and who wanted to be treated better in the world. Lila is the founder of this organization and deserves to be recognized," said Pomeroy Schwartz before presenting Harnett with the 18th annual Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts Award.

Above, Lila Harnett, 2011 DSVA recipient   
In 1980, Lila Harnett, along with husband Joel Harnett, founded and co-published Phoenix Home & Garden, Arizona’s leading magazine. When they retired in 1999, it was recognized as the most successful regional home & garden publication in the country. Lila was known as having brought a sophistication and awareness of art to the Southwest. Before that, for eight years, Lila was a member of the New York State Council on the Arts, where she served as chairman of the Museum Committee. She had previously served for five years as an art critic for CUE magazine in New York City, and earlier, for ten years as a cultural affairs correspondent and syndicated columnist for New York state newspapers.
The Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art was established at the University of Richmond in Virginia in recognition of their committed support of the visual arts. It incorporates the Joel and Lila Harnett Print Study Center. Lila is a Life Trustee at the Phoenix Art Museum, where there is a gallery named in honor of the Harnetts. Lila is also an active supporter of the Heard Museum, having funded their video theater.
"ArtTable started as people who were helping each other, and that's what I hope you'll do. That's what this organization is. When I come here and I see people exchange cards, I'm thrilled, because it means you're doing business. We knew you'd 
make friends, but we also knew you'd do business together. Men help themselves, and there's no reason women can't do it. 30 years later, we proved it," said Harnett upon accepting her award.
The Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts Award was first presented in 1993 to the late Kitty Carlisle Hart, a leading cultural ambassador and former chairman of the New York State Council on the Arts, and has been presented in recent years to Yoko Ono, Toby Devan Lewis, Vishakha N. Desai, Joan Mondale, and more. The award is a cast bronze and silver nitrate sculpture by Louise Bourgeois entitled EYE, created for ArtTable in an unnumbered edition. The evening included the Annual Member's Networking reception and featurted a special performance by singer-songwriter Jamie Leonhart.

ArtTable's 30th Anniversary conference
See the full program here

The following day, Saturday, April 16, ArtTable's 30th Anniversary conference, ArtTable2011 | Advancing Leadership and Professional Development in the Visual Arts commenced at the same location, hosted by Lisa Dennison, Chairman, Sotheby's North & South America. Focused on women’s leadership and career development, the conference included mentoring and networking opportunities, and addressed the current challenges, changes, and opportunities in the field. ArtTable2011 served arts professionals at all stages of career and highlighted the organization's commitment to the field through panel discussions; breakout and facilitated sessions; book talks by women such as Connie Butler, Editor, Modern Women, and Robert Lehman Foundation Chief Curator of Drawings at MoMA; an ARTBOOK | D.A.P. pop-up store featuring titles by and about ArtTable members; ArtTable2020, an open strategy session on the future of ArtTable faciliated by Kathy Clemons, Principal, Collective Next; and more. The conference was open to the art community-at-large, assembling a diverse group of arts professionals from across the country and creating a forum for the exchange of ideas. Click here for the full schedule.        
Conference Highlights:
Featured Moderators: Jeanne Collins, President, Jeanne Collins & Associates | Diane Frankel, Partner, Management Consultants for the Arts | Barbara T. Hoffman,  Art Lawyer/Principal, Hoffman Law Firm | Lowery Stokes Sims, President, ArtTable and Curator, Museum of Arts and Design.
Featured Panelists: Alberta Arthurs, Principal, Arthurs US | Judy Baca, Artist/Founder, Social and Public Art Resource Center, UCLA | Holly Block, Executive Director, The Bronx Museum of the Arts | Anita Contini, Consultant, Bloomberg Philanthropies | Laurie Cumbo, Founder/Director, MoCADA |  Holly Hotchner, Executive Director, Museum of Arts and Design | Emily Rafferty, President, Metropolitan Museum of Art | Elsie McCabe Thompson, President, Museum for African Art | Anne Pasternak, President and Artistic Director, Creative Time | Susan Sollins, Executive Director, Art21 |Marsha L. Semmel, Deputy Director for Museums and Director for Strategic Partnerships, IMLS | Martha Wilson,Artist/Founder, Franklin Furnace | Alice Sachs Zimet, President, Arts + Business Partners.
Breakout Session topics included: Collaboration as a Leadership Strategy; Persisting Feminization: Current Status and Future Implications for Women Arts Professionals, University Art Museums in Transition; Advocacy for the Arts in America; There’s No App for That: Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders; Assessing Your Value: Negotiating Compensation; To Profit or Not to Profit: Career Transitions Between Museums and Galleries; Resume Writing and How to Get the Most Out of Interviews; Work-Life Reconciliation: A Dialogue and Diagnosis; Crowd Sourcing/Alternative Funding Strategies for Artists and Arts Organizations; Trustees of Culture: How to Make Your Board More Effective; and more.

Gala Benefit
April 16, 2011 at MoMA

ArtTable's Gala Benefit at MoMA on Saturday, April 16th,  co-chaired by Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, founder of Fundación Cisneros, and MoMA President Emerita Agnes Gund, honored influential leading women in various aspects of the field of visual arts through ArtTable’s 30th Honors and Artist Honors awards. The evening, attended by over 400 members, guests, and art world luminaries, began with a private pre-reception in MoMA's sixth floor galleries for ArtTable's honorees, sponors, and supporters. The official program commenced in MoMA’s Titus Theater with an award ceremony and film presentation featuring the honorees. Executive Director Dena Muller welcomed the audience and co-chairs Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and Agnes Gund gave opening remarks. 

"What unites ArtTable? Two ideas. The encouragement of women is certainly the original and the invigorating idea. And second is the idea of the visual arts as a continuum, a community, a continually enlarging and diversifying platform for change and for commonality. The players on this big platform are unified in the pursuit of creativity and quality across an entire spectrum. ArtTable stretches us beyond our usual professional limits, beyond our usual boundaries and borders," Ms. Gund remarked.

President Lowery Stokes Sims gave special remarks and thanked those in attendance, saying, "[The] great thing about turning 30 is that ArtTable can look back and recognize the achievements made by women during one of the most transformative eras for women’s advancement." Ms. Sims introduced a film created by ArtTable and produced by Collective Next which profiled each of the honorees and their professional achievements, and highlighted a quote from each reflecting on her leadership, experience, or the current state of the arts.
At the close of the film, Ms. Sims named each honoree who stood to receive her award. Each of the 30th Honors was also invited to identify a woman in the arts to be highlighted as "One to Watch"; an effort to continue the dialogue about women's leadership. "As we enter our fourth decade, ArtTable continues to look to support and serve the needs of women through out all the stages of their careers. A special aspect of this long-standing mission of ArtTable is reflected in the generational changes that are taking place in the leadership of the organization. To that end we have asked the honorees to identify a colleague who would be one to watch as the baton passes to a new generation of leaders," said Ms. Sims.
Many of those identified were in attendance at the Gala and stood in recognition along with the honoree who named them; Ones to Watch were also profiled next to their honoree in the printed program and on ArtTable's website. After each honoree had recieved her award, all forty recipients were invited to stand on the stage where they received a standing ovation.

30th Anniversary Honoress, Museum of Modern Art, April 16, 2011


From Survival, 1983-5 
Cast sterling silver plaque
2.75x7x.25 in
ArtTable's 30th Honors recognized the careers of thirty leading women whose significant contributions have transformed the field of the visual arts; the identified recipients reflected the membership of ArtTable in the scope and range of their professional expertise. Artist Jenny Holzer created the award for the 30th Honors, a silver plaque featuring one of her signature texts from the Survival series (“Use What Is Dominant in a Culture to Change It Quickly”), a timely statement that spoke to the leadership exemplified by the honorees.

Click here for a full list of ArtTable’s 30th Honors


So We'll Just Keep Dropping Small Pebbles, 2011
Ink on paper
Edition of 10
ArtTable's Artist Honors recognized women artists whose studio practice has influence beyond the studio to rtransform the field, its institutions, and its structures. Ten artists were selected for their enormous contributions in studio practice. This honor continued the tradition set forth at the previous year's luncheon, when artist Yoko Ono was lauded with the 17th Annual Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts. Ms. Ono created a work of art for ArtTable's Artist Honors that contained a quote from her  2010 award acceptance speech: "So we'll just keep dropping small pebbles. Together. That's how we'll change the world. We change, and the world changes."

Click here for a full list of ArtTable’s Artist Honors.

After the award ceremony, guests left the theater to continue towards the reception held in MoMA's lobby. As guests made this transition, they passed through a vestibule at the top of the escalator featuring a scent 
installation created by Jenny Holzer and Roger Schmid, with the support of perfumer Frank Voelkl. The scent was made specially for the gala as a gift to ArtTable and this year’s honorees, and celebrated "femininity, success, and wildness." Titled Sexy Barn, the scent is not available commercially and was the featured item in ArtTable’s 30th Anniversary Benefit Raffle. The raffle benefitted ArtTable's various outreach programs, including the ArtTable’s Diversity Internship Program: A Summer Mentored Internship in the Visual Arts Professions a  full time, paid, 8-week opportunity.The raffle item was uniquely displayed in a hand crafted birds nest, and the scent was presented in two antique porcelain eggs made by McIntyre & Co. of Burslem, with silver tops by Saunders and Shepherd of Birmingham, circa 1885.

At the reception, gala attendees enjoyed open seating, various culinary stations, and a special tribute performance of ‘O’ Woman,’ an original song composed and performed by musician Imani Uzuri. Imani performed with two backup singers and dedicated the song to the honorees. The highlight of the performance was the bridge, during which Imani encouraged the crowd to scream as loud as they could for the achievements of women everywhere. The lobby of MoMA filled with an amazing uproar of noise and energy.

View Images from the 30th Anniversary Weekend here.

  ArtTable's 25th Anniversary
April 6-9, 2005

When ArtTable was founded in 1980, writes Judith Brodky, "There were no gender studies programs, no women in the history books, and very few women in policy-making positions in the art world." ArtTable's twenty-fifth anniversary was a milestone in the history of the organization, which has played a key role in changing the equation for professional women in the visual arts. 
Image result for marilyn yalom
The celebration began in the morning on Wednesday, April 6th at Sotheby's with Mentoring Roundtables. Sponsored by the College Art Association, students and yong professionals in arts administration, museum studies, and art history programs were invited to participate in roundtable discussions regarding careers in the visual arts. Chairs of this event were Sandra Lang, Director, Visual Arts Administration, MA Program, New York University; and Joan Jeffri, Director, Program in Arts Administration and Research Center for Arts and Culture. Later that night, an opening reception was held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum with a keynote address by Marilyn Yalom, Senior Scholar at the Institute for Women and Gender at Stanford University. The reception was followed by intimate dinners at the homes of various collectors

On Thursday, members gathered for at Sotheby's for a day of panel discussions, stopping for a networking breakfast and lunch. Panel topics included "Trendspotting in the Art World" with panelists Lisa Corrin, Marguerite Steed Hoffman, Katy Siegel, and Lowery Stokes Sims, moderated by Bonnie Clearwater; "Art-repreneurs" with panelists Kathan Brown, Laurie Cumbo, Rainey Knudson, Linda M. Pace, Susan Sollins, and Paige West, moderated by Mary Zlot; and "Women as Institution Builders" with panelists Anne d'Hamoncourt, Peggy Loar, Susana Torruella Leval, and Marcia Tucker, moderated by Emily K. Rafferty.

Gala Award Dinner
On Thursday night, a gala award dinner was held at Cipriani. The dinner honored the first twelve recipients of the Distinguished Service to the Visual Arts Award:

Elizabeth C. Baker, Editor, Art in America, New York, NY - 2004
Linda Nochlin, Lila Acheson Wallace Professor of Modern Art, NYU, Institute of Fine Arts, New York, NY - 2003
Iris Cantor, Chairman and President, Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation, Los Angeles, CA - 2002
Paula Cooper, Director, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, NY - 2001
Marcia Tucker, Founding Director, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY - 2000
Lucy R. Lippard, Activist, Author, Curator, Galisteo, NM - 1999
Stephanie French, Former Vice President, Corporate Contributions, Philip Morris Companies, Inc, New York, NY - 1998
Joan Mondale, Arts Advocate, Minneapolis, MN - 1997
Dianne H. Pilgrim, Former Director, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York, NY - 1996
Emily Rauh Pulitzer, President, The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis, MO - 1995
Agnes Gund, President Emerita, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY - 1994
Kitty Carlisle Hart, Actress and Arts Advocate, New York, NY- 1993

Twelve future women leaders were also recognized at the dinner:
Andrea BarnwellDirector, Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
Melissa ChiuDirector, The Asia Society, New York, NY
Fairfax DornExecutive Director, The Ballroom and Virginia Lebermann, President, The Ballroom, Marfa, TX
Jeanne Greenberg RohatynDirector, Salon 94, New York, NY
Ellen HaddiganExecutive Director, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, New York, NY
Laura HoptmanCurator, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, PA
Bronwyn KeenanFounding Member, Downtown for Democracy, and Founder, Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, New York, NY
Marysol NievesCurator of Contemporary Art, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
Sheri L. PasquarellaPrincipal, Sheri L. Pasquarella, Inc. and Co-Founder/President, New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) Inc., New York, NY 
Maura ReillyCurator, The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum,Brooklyn, NY
Natasha SchlesingerFounder, ARTMUSE, New York, NY
Olga VisoDeputy Director, The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC

Mother-Daughter Co-Chairs for the gala were:
Ellyn Dennison / Lisa Dennison
Carol Goldberg / Beth Goldberg Nash

Friday morning opened with a annual members' meeting and a memorial for Caroline Goldsmith, a founding member. The day continued with panel discussions "Femenism and the Femenization of the Art World", with panelists Heidi Hartmann, Sarah Elizabeth Lewis, and Linda Nochlin, moderated by Ruth Weisberg; and "Women as Patrons" with panelists Iris Cantor, Agnes Gund, Sheila C. Johnson, and Roselyne Chroman Swig, moderated by Dorsey Waxter. A silent auction was also held during the day. Alberta Arthurs and Kinshasha Holman Conwill made closing remarks, and members went on to dutch-treat "hot topic" dinners

On Saturday, members were invited to choose from tours throughout New York, including Westchester, Dia: Beacon, the Hamptons, Long Island City, and areas of Manhattan such as the Lower East Side of Manhattan, SoHo, and Chelsea.

Click here to read Changing the Equation, ArtTable's 25th Anniversary Publication. The book offers an overview of the pioneering women who have made up ArtTable's membership and the significant acheivements they made together between 1980 and 2005. 
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Managing Editor:       Barbara Cavaliere
ArtTable Editor:         Randy Rosen
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