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ArtTableTOURS provide ArtTable members and guests with unique access to art world sites and attractions through domestic and international trips. Each trip accommodates anywhere between 6-18 travelers and is a unique opportunity to create strong bonds with colleagues from around the country while receiving an in-depth look at the art scene in hard-to-get-to places. 
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May 18
25, 2019
Please join ArtTable for a very special trip to Italy. We will meet in Milan, where the strength of the contemporary scene may surprise you. From there we will travel beyond the city to visit several small private museums and collections that are both off the beaten path and of world class stature. Parma will be our home base for two nights. This is an opportunity to divert from the well-known and well-trod paths of the major Italian cities and museums and experience some very personal collections still in the hands of their founders. By the time the journey is over we will have had an in-depth experience of one of Italy’s most cosmopolitan cities, punctuated with sublime collections located throughout the Italian countryside–savoring Italian cuisine and fine wines along the way–during the glorious spring month of May! LEARN MORE & REGISTER>

"The Low Countries": The Netherlands
July 6
14, 2019

Join ArtTable on an unforgettable trip to the "Low Countries" (the Netherlands and Belgium) this summer. 2019 is the Year of Rembrandt. The Dutch Master died 350 years ago-- making it the perfect time to visit as there will be various amazing Dutch Master exhibitions on view. We juxtapose these visits with a ‘dive into’ the exciting contemporary art scenes from Amsterdam to Brussels with stops in Rotterdam and Utrecht. The group will meet renowned Dutch Designers and artists and visit stunning private collections. Architecture, music and great food will also be very much a part of the program. There is also the option to start the trip early for a 3-day bicycle tour along the flower fields and the Dutch countryside. LEARN MORE & REGISTER>

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