Virtual | Preserving Cultural Heritage in Afghanistan & Beyond, with Laura Tedesco & Anna Bottinelli
December 15, 2021

Afghanistan is currently facing an incredible crisis. Since the US left the country and Taliban forces reentered, many aspects of daily life have come into question, including how the country’s cultural heritage will be affected. Just two decades ago, when the Taliban were last in power, they called for the destruction of any and all pre-Islamic statues and sanctuaries on the land. While this new regime has promised to honor Afghanistan’s cultural heritage, history makes us skeptical.

One woman who has spent many years living and traveling throughout Afghanistan, overseeing the preservation of its archaeological sites, artifacts, monuments, and museums, is Laura Tedesco, Cultural Heritage Program Manager at the U.S. Department of State. As a cultural heritage and preservation specialist, Laura has experienced firsthand the challenges of preserving art and heritage amidst conflict, an experience she shares with Anna Bottinelli, President of the Monuments Men Foundation. Join us for a discussion about the preservation of cultural heritage in Afghanistan and beyond with these two leading experts!

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