The Organization

When and why was ArtTable founded?
ArtTable was founded in 1980 by a group of professional women in the visual arts to foster greater support, recognition, and opportunities among their peers. As Lila Harnett, ArtTable founder and first president, explains, “Information was exchanged, and we became a mutually helpful society with a mission to promote the interests of professional women in the arts.” Over the years, the organization steadily expanded from an informal group into a professional network of 1,200 women throughout the country with local chapters in Chicago, Florida, New York, Northern California, Southern California, the Northwest, Philadelphia, Southern California, and Washington, D.C., and at-large members across the country.  ArtTable members live, work, and participate throughout the country. The expanding membership is inclusive of women in all stages of their careers who exemplify leadership in the management, business, administration, promotion, interpretation, scholarship, and stewardship of the visual arts. See more under "Abouthere.
What is ArtTable’s mission?
ArtTable is the foremost professional organization dedicated to advancing the leadership of women in the visual arts.Through our national membership network and community initiatives, we expand opportunities for women from diverse backgrounds and at all stages of their careers, fostering a stronger future for all women in the arts.See more about our mission and history here.
How does ArtTable serve the profession
and the public?
ArtTable’s ongoing outreach programs include: the Summer Mentored Internship for Diversity in the Visual Arts Professions, which helps emerging women professionals of diverse backgrounds enter the field of the visual arts; the Career Development Roundtables, developed to mentoring students and emerging professionals as they enter the field; the Oral History project, created to document the significant impact and on-going contributions of professional women in the visual arts; and our public programs, intended to provide a forum for discourse about current topics in the arts relevant to both our members and the art world at-large.
How many members does ArtTable have?
ArtTable has approximately 1,200 members located throughout the country.


What visual arts professions are included in the ArtTable membership?
ArtTable members work in a wide variety of professions, including:
Artist representative
Recruiter/Art staffing
Registrar/Collection manager




Prospective Members
Why should I join ArtTable?
Becoming a member of ArtTable means joining a distinguished national network of leading professional women in the visual arts field. 
ArtTable members are invited to participate in an exciting calendar of programs and events, including panel discussions; professional development opportunities; special access to private collections, artists’ studios, and exhibitions; VIP access to art world events; networking breakfasts and topic-led dinners; national and international trips and our annual benefit and award ceremony. Members are encouraged to actively volunteer for local committees and board service. To find out more about joining ArtTable, please click here
Does ArtTable allow direct applications for membership?
Yes, however, members of ArtTable can also nominate and support applications for membership. Click here to start the application process. 
What are the criteria for membership?
ArtTable members:
  • are professional women in leadership roles in the visual arts field
  • have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the field
ArtTable membership is inclusive of professional women in various stages of their careers who exemplify leadership in the management, business, administration, promotion, interpretation, scholarship, and stewardship of the visual arts.
Do internships count towards the "five years
of professional experience" criteria?

No, academic training, internships, residencies, fellowships, or doctoral study do not count toward the five years of professional experience required.
Who can recommend me for membership?
Ideally, ArtTable members. In lieu of ArtTable members, art world colleagues who have at least five years of professional experience in the field can support your nomination too.
How can I apply directly for membership?
To apply for membership, please complete our two step online process. 

Step One:
Follow this link to create an ArtTable membership profile. 

Step Two: Once your ArtTable profile has been created you will receive an e-mail confirmation that contains a link. Follow that link to submit your supplemental materials and complete your membership application. 

Once your materials have been submitted they will be reviewed and processed in a timely manner.  For any questions or help regarding the membership process please contact membership@arttable.org or call 212.343.175 ext. 14
What levels of membership does ArtTable offer?

Effective July 1, 2016, our membership levels are:
$125 | Associate
General membership for members under 35 years of age. Proof of age required
$175 | Professional
General membership for ArtTable.
$350 | Executive
Special recognition level for established leaders in the arts professions. This level includes all benefits of Professional level membership plus priority registration to select programs and an invitation to a private event for Executive members.

For members wishing to support ArtTable at a higher level, membership contributions can be made at the following levels: 
  • $1,000 ArtTable Circle Friend
  • $2,500 ArtTable Circle Patron
  • $5,000 ArtTable Circle Benefactor
For benefits of high-level contributions, click here.
Does ArtTable offer discounted membership rates for retired members?
Please contact our national office for payment plans and discounted rates at 212-343-1735.
Are my membership dues tax-deductible?
ArtTable is a 501(c)(3) corporation under Internal Revenue Service regulations. Dues paid in excess of $125 are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.
Are artists eligible for ArtTable membership?
Artists who are taking a leadership role, apart from their studio practice, in promoting, advocating, supporting, and/or developing visual arts in their own community or the wider global arts community are eligible for membership with ArtTable.



  Current Members
How do I renew my membership? You may renew your membership online at
www.arttable.org by logging in and selecting "Membership Renewal" from the menu on the left side of the member portal. You will be prompted to select a Membership Level. You may also renew over the phone by calling 212-343-1735.

What should I do if I relocate to another area? ArtTable membership is national and we encourage you to participate in any chapter. Should you relocate to a new address, please be sure to update your contact information by logging in to your member profile online and updating the information under "Update My Profile" found in the menu on the left side of the member portal. To save any and all changes, click the yellow “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. 
How can I update my member profile? You may update your profile at any time by logging in to your member profile online and updating the information under "Update My Profile" in the menu on the left side of the member portal. To save any and all changes, click the yellow “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.
How do I know when my membership has expired?
Membership at ArtTable is valid for one year from the date of payment of dues, or one year from the previous expiration date (whichever comes later). You can check your membership expiration date by logging in to your member profile and locating the expiration date below the "Welcome (your name)" and links to access "Your Account" and "Logout" on left side of any page in the member portal. You will also receive renewal notifications periodically with instructions on how and when to renew.

Where do my membership fees go?
Everything we do is in support of our mission. In order for ArtTable to serve the profession and our membership through programming, opportunity, and the building of a professional network, we require staff, technology, space, systems, evaluation, research and development. We pay for salaries, rent, a website, telephone and internet, IT services, postage and mailings, audits, supplies, and other items necessary to keep the organization running. We maintain a modest overhead and our membership fees help to defray these costs and enable us to function as an effective organization. 
How can I contact other ArtTable members?
Members may browse member profiles and contact information by logging in to our website and clicking on the “Online Directory” located in the left navigation side bar. Connecting with other members for discussion and collaboration is encouraged; however, the membership directory is not to be used for unsolicited promotions or mailings.  
How do I nominate a new member?
Nominations may be submitted at any point throughout the year. To nominate a colleague please send them this link and instruct them to complete the two-step process and list you as their reference. Only complete applications will be reviewed.
Can I nominate more than one member at a time?
Yes, you may nominate as many members as you like. We encourage all ArtTable members to help us grow our ArtTable network! Please make sure to have your nominee list you as their reference. The link for applicants to begin the process can be found here
How can I propose an ArtTable event or program?
As a membership organization, we value the input and programming ideas of all our members. If you are an ArtTable member and would like to propose a program or event for ArtTable in your chapter, please e-mail programs@arttable.org. You can also attend a local program committee meeting, or contact the volunteer leadership in your area. 
How do I log in to ArtTable’s member portal online?
To log in, visit www.arttable.org and enter your username and password in the “Member Login” box located at the right side of the homepage.
What if I forgot my username or password? To obtain your username and password, please click on “Forgot your password?” under the “Member Login” box found on the right side of the ArtTable homepage. The requested information will be sent to the primary e-mail you have listed in your member profile.
Why can’t I log on to the member portal online? If you are unable to log on to our website, your membership may have expired. If your membership is active and you are still unable to log in, please email membership@arttable.org


ArtTable Programs

How can I find out about ArtTable events in my area?
Watch for periodical emails from ArtTable administrators informing you of ArtTable events in your area. You may also view our currently scheduled programs at any time by logging onto our website and clicking on “Calendar” under "Members Only".
How do I register for an event?
You may sign up for an event by browsing our calendar and clicking on the event of your interest or by registering through the link in the e-mailed invitation.
Why do I have to pay an additional fee to attend most ArtTable programs?
While ArtTable is committed to providing free programming to members whenever possible, membership programs that are not fully underwritten by hosts and sponsors often have related expenses that must be covered by program fees. 
Where do my program fees go?
Program fees fund the expenses associated with ArtTable’s programs.
Where do ArtTable programs take place?
ArtTable has members throughout the country, but its programs are generally planned in cities with a larger number of members, including: Chicago, Florida, New York, Northern California, Southern California, the Northwest, Philadelphia, Southern California, and Washington, D.C. The staff and leadership of the organization are also dedicated to planning ArtTable programs in conjunction with major art world events, conferences, and fairs across the country. 


The ArtTable Board

How are ArtTable Board Members chosen?
Early each year, ArtTable’s National Nominating Committee sends out a request for Board nominations to all members, giving you the opportunity to self-nominate or suggest other members for open Board positions. The Committee then prepares a slate of nominees for ratification by the membership shortly thereafter. New Board members elected by a quorum of active members are announced once the slate has been ratified. 
Who serves on ArtTable’s Board?
ArtTable’s Board is comprised of members who are nominated and elected to volunteer service on the Board. See full list of current Board Members here.


I am interested in becoming a Board Member. What should I do?
Please contact the ArtTable office at info@arttable.org or 212-343-1735.





How can I contact individual ArtTable Staff?
Please find staff contact information on the "Staff" page under "About" here


Does ArtTable have social networking accounts? 
Yes, ArtTable has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. Connect to us by liking “ArtTable” here; following “ArtTable” on Twitter here; joining our LinkedIn group here or following our LinkedIn company page here; watching videos or subscribing to our YouTube channel here; and following us on Instagram here