High School Arts Career Day 2017

High School Career Day in the Visual Arts
This annual program offers high school students the opportunity to spend a day learning about the variety of careers
in the visual arts. Working with public schools and their teachers in New York and Los Angeles, ArtTable members create specialized agendas that give students realistic and behind-the-scenes perspectives on arts professions, institutions, and businesses that they may never have considered—or even known existed—as career possibilities.

ince 2003
this program has given students an opportunity to learn about careers in the arts while gaining special access to cultural institutions. Working in tandem with select schools and assigned staff, ArtTable members create a specialized day-long agenda that gives recruited students a candid glimpse into arts professions, institutions and businesses that they may never have considered as career possibilities. Past programs have included visits to galleries, museums, artist studios, and photography and conservation studios, providing students with a behind-the-scenes look at different work places, and a chance for them to learn about what education and background their jobs entail.  At the various sites, students are encouraged to ask questions and even participate in select activities. These visits have also led to students inquiring about program and internship opportunities.

If you would like to help plan a career day for high school students in your area, please contact us.
2017 High School Arts Career Day in the Visual Arts

Los Angeles Leadership Academy High School, Lincoln Heights, CA
March 17, 2017
Led by ArtTable members Paige Wery and Susan Power

SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center) in Venice, California hosted a "Career Day" for twelve students. 
The day began with a walking tour of the Venice's most iconic murals and later a tour of the SPARC center featuring the current exhibition, 20 Years of the UCLA@SPARC Digital Mural Lab. Students were able to explore different careers in the arts by shadowing 3 critical team members at the forefront of SPARC's mural projects and art programming, including SPARC Project Manager Carlos Rogel, Arts Education Coordinator Davida Persaud, and Mural Restoration Team member, Myisha Luis Arellanus.  

SPARC is happy to support our upcoming artists and art advocates! Thank you Paige Wery and Susan Power for all your efforts to coordinate this fruitful event with us!  –SPARC ART on Facebook

We LOVE you SPARC and can't wait for a repeat program! Thank you all for sharing your amazing work with us!  Susan Power

As a follow-up to this program, the same student visited for a walk in Chinatown neighborhood in the vicinity of Paige Wery's Good Luck Gallery. The Southern Art Table is looking forward to continue the high school outreach and this new partnership with SPARC.

Photo credits: Rachel Selekman
Millennium High School, New York, NY
May 31, 2017
Led by ArtTable member Rachel Selekman

Students from Millennium High School spent the day in Soho starting at Two Palms Press, where they spoke with master printer Craig Zamiello who showed the students a range of printing methods, techniques and finished editions. Afterwards, they visited The Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) where they met with Heather Ewing, Director, Genevieve Martin, Development & Institutional Relations Coordinator, and Paz Monge, an intern, who all spoke about their career paths, and different roles and responsibilites in the planning and presentation of exhibitions.  Before departing, they enjoyed a tour of the current exhibition Giorgio De Chirico/Giulio Paolini.  After lunch, the students visited the Walter DeMaria's Earth Room and The Broken Kilometer installations. The day ended at The Drawing Center to meet with Olga Tetkowski, Exhibitions Manager who spoke to the students about the challenges presented in the design and installation of the show Exploratory Works: Drawings from the Department of Tropical Research Field Expeditions, a curated show by Mark Dion,  Katherine McLeod and Madeleine Thompson, based on the expeditions of William Beebe (1877-1962).  The students also had an opportunity to meet with Aimee Good, Education Director, who spoke about her career path, from farm to artist to educator. talked about her career path to becoming a gallery manager.
Thank you!  We all had an excellent time.  Many of the students told me today how "cool" and "eye-opening" the experience was for them, which is, of course, exactly what we wanted it to be. –Lisa DiFilippo, Teacher, Millennium High School

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I am so excited to be on this trip and even more excited to take our student artists to explore these excellent institutions and meeting women in the art field. I think these opportunities are so important and valuable. –Pam Phila Lee, Teacher, Millennium High School

High School for Fashion Industries, New York, NY
June 1, 2017
Led by ArtTable members Lori Shepard and Aleya Lehman Bench

The day began with a visit to the Photo Conservation Lab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with Katie Sanderson, Assistant Conservator of Photographs, who shared with the students her responsibilities and familiarized them various photographic techniques and processes. Following this demonstration, the students visited the current exhibition of the photographic work of Irving Penn.  Following a picnic lunch in Central Park, the students visited the Van Doren Waxter Gallery, where they were greeted by Dorsey Waxter.  After viewing the paintings of James Brooks and drawings by Tom Fair, there was an opportunity for the students to do and review their own sketches, acting in the role of gallerists!  The day concluded at the Levy Gorvy Gallery, New York, with a talk by Sarah McNaughton.

Photo credti: Aleya Lehman Bench

Thank you to ArtTable's 2017 High School Visual Arts Career Day member coordinators: Paige Wery, Susan Powers, Rachel Selekman, Lori Shepard, and Aleya Lehman Bench; to ArtTable members who hosted the students: Heather Ewing, Director, Center for Italian Modern Art, and Olga Tetkowski, Exhibitions Manager, The Drawing Center; and to the teachers, volunteers, and participating institutions who helped to make this year's programs possible.