High School Visual Arts Career Day 2018

High School Career Day in the Visual Arts
This annual program offers high school students the opportunity to spend a day learning about the variety of careers
in the visual arts. Working with public schools and their teachers in New York and Los Angeles, ArtTable members create specialized agendas that give students realistic and behind-the-scenes perspectives on arts professions, institutions, and businesses that they may never have considered—or even known existed—as career possibilities.

ince 2003
this program has given students an opportunity to learn about careers in the arts while gaining special access to cultural institutions. Working in tandem with select schools and assigned staff, ArtTable members create a specialized day-long agenda that gives recruited students a candid glimpse into arts professions, institutions and businesses that they may never have considered as career possibilities. Past programs have included visits to galleries, museums, artist studios, and photography and conservation studios, providing students with a behind-the-scenes look at different work places, and a chance for them to learn about what education and background their jobs entail.  At the various sites, students are encouraged to ask questions and even participate in select activities. These visits have also led to students inquiring about program and internship opportunities.

If you would like to help plan a career day for high school students in your area, please contact us.
2018 High School Arts Career Day in the Visual Arts
Textile Arts Center                                                            Groundswell
Photo credits: Evie Joselow
Millennium High School, New York, NY
June 6, 2018
Led by ArtTable member Rachel Selekman

Students from Millennium High School spent the day in Gowanus, Brooklyn starting at the Spaceworks studio of Rachel Selekman,  where they spoke with her about her career transitions from the graphic arts to works on paper and sculpture.  She showed her work in process and shared her thought processes and constructiion techniques for her collage works and 3-dimensional wall sculptures. Afterwards, they visited The Textile Arts Center where they met with Kelly Valletta, co-executive-director, who asked the students to speak about their own career paths before sharing her own career as both an an artist and a business owner. The talk session was followed by a tour of the facilties, including studios, exhibition space, and workshops.   After a short llinch break, the students met with Risa Shoup, Executive Director, and Kai Walkes. Administrative Assistant at Spaceworks, a nonprofit cultural community development organization to learn about their initiatives to provide studio, community and performance spaces, as well as to discuss their own career paths and ambitions. The day ended at Groundswell, twhere the students met with Amelia Calsi, Mural Operations Manager, who spoke to the students about the numerous community mural projects undertaken by the organization, offering the students future opportunities for internships as well as portfolio review sessions, and showed them the studio, storage and office spaces,

Thanks to Rachel Selekman, and Lisa DeFillipo, Millenium High School, Manhattan, for making this program possible.