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2019 Career Development Roundtable

ArtTable Career Development Roundtable 2019
Fashion Institute of Technology
John E. Reeves Great Hall, New York City  

Established in 2009 ArtTable New York’s Career Development Roundtable is one of our longest standing and most impactful career mentoring programs. The program is designed to give emerging leaders in arts administration, art business, museum studies, art history, curatorial studies, and arts internships across the New York metropolitan area an experience to meet with professional women in the visual arts to discuss career opportunities. It is also a chance to network among peers and build lasting relationships 
Emerging professionals seeking career advice and inspiration for careers in the visual arts, are invited to attend ArtTable's 2019 Career Development Roundtable taking place on November 15, 2019. Graduate students in art history, in art history, design history, museum and curatorial studies, museum education, art business, and arts administration programs in the New York City area are invited to participate. Students will have the opportunity to gather around selected tables for open and engaged conversations with leading professional women in the visual arts, to learn about their diverse career paths and experiences, to gain insights and advice for their own career development, and to network and build future relationships with peers and mentors. 
Career topics explored last year include: appraiser | art advisor | art fairs | art publishing | auction houses/online art businesses | collection management/ registrar/archivist | curator/art historian | development/fundraising | gallerist/dealer | museum/nonprofit director | public programing/museum education | public relations/marketing/social media. For more information about these topics click here

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For additional information please contact
roundtable@arttable.org or call 212-343-1735, ext 14. 
OPEComments from 2017 participants:
The best piece of advice I heard was to stay open to career opportunities, even if it doesn't sound like something you thought you were interested in.

Having a not so typical undergraduate degree  I was surprised to learn that many that this does not hurt your chances of entering a visual arts profession. I got some very good pointers, which helped me to think about certain careers, and in which environment and position I want to work towards.

This program was extraordinarily helpful in career planning and networking, It was so heartening to hear from so many professionals .and further solidified that working in the arts is the rigtht career for me! Everyone was very encouraging!

I was very pleased to meet arts professionals, to learn about their own career trajctories. and to walk awy knowing that you can change your career path/focus multiple times before you find your ideal job

The Career Roundtable gave me a new perspective on how to approach my job search. and helped me to determine my next steps to find opportunities and to market myself.