Andrea Lewis
Philadelphia Museum of Art | Philadelphia, PA

Andrea Lewis is a proud Berkeley, California Native. Having recently graduated from Lewis and Clark College with a Bachelors in Art History and World Languages and Literatures (Spanish and French), she is now living in Tulum, Mexico, where she is currently co-creating an online art gallery called Plural. She worked and interned for the past few years in the art world, which has inspired her to create an enterprise that prioritizes artistic identity, sustainable relationships between artists and collectors, and the cultivation of new collectors. Art is her form of peace and resistance. She hopes to merge these international art communities to uplift individual artistic identities and provide a space for multicultural learning and unity. As an ArtTable fellow, partnered with the Philadelphia Museum, she is thrilled at the opportunity to develop programs that strive to genuinely engage Philadelphia’s community members, the art world, and those whose stories are being told. As well as continue learning how public programs serve as a powerful tool to enrich society and the influence of the art world.

Project: Andrea will gain firsthand experience in the planning and development of between 3-5 proposals for public and community programming related to the early American art reinstallation which highlights underrepresented voices.


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