ArtTable members visiting ART HOUSE
ArtTable members visiting ART HOUSE, a Noguchi-inspired teahouse, located on Leonard and Louise Riggio’s 13-acre Long Island estate.


ArtTable is the foremost professional organization dedicated to advancing the leadership of women-identifying and nonbinary professionals in the visual arts. Through our membership network and community initiatives, we expand professional opportunities for women-identifying and nonbinary professionals from diverse backgrounds and at all stages of their careers, supporting and fostering a stronger future for all women in the arts.

All ArtTable members are able to connect with our 1,200+ network of professional peers throughout the United States and across several other countries outside the U.S. Members also have the option to join one of eleven local ArtTable chapters, located in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Florida, Houston, Metro Atlanta, New York, Northern California, the Northwest, Southern California, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

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ArtTable continues its dedication to supporting women in the arts at all stages of their careers. In pursuit of this mission, we have implemented a plan to further advance our initiatives with a focus on advocacy, inclusivity, membership, strategic revenue growth, and technological advancement over the next 3 years.


ArtTable strives to design programs that serve as forums for discussion of critical issues by increasing the flexibility of the national programming structure to be more responsive to such topics as they arise. Additionally, ArtTable is committed to forming partnerships with other mission-driven organizations and brands that support ArtTable’s mission and related initiatives.


Building upon previous work, ArtTable continually facilitates national conversations around equity and diversity in the field of visual arts and utilizes its platforms to amplify individual member voices and perspectives.  A primary goal for this area is for ArtTable to expand its existing Diversity Fellowship program, established in 2000, including more placements throughout the country. 

Please see ArtTable’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Action Plan approved by ArtTable’s Board of Directors in May of 2021.


ArtTable will focus on creating meaningful offerings that are relevant to our members’ interests. To advance personal and professional growth of members and the larger field, prioritization will be given to the development of in-person and digital networking.

Strategic Revenue Growth

ArtTable seeks to strengthen its financial future by embarking on initiatives to expand the organization’s strategic revenue growth. This includes but is not limited to diversifying income streams with grant opportunities and corporate partnerships, expanding our legacy giving program, and growing our membership base through targeted outreach.

Technological Advancement

ArtTable recognizes that the need to improve its technology is fundamental for sustainability. ArtTable seeks to upgrade the appearance of our website to better reflect its mission and the visual arts industry. We will also improve its back-end technology to better understand both its membership and the role of professional women in the visual arts overall. These technological advances will enable ArtTable to be a better resource to support women in the field.


ArtTable, leading the advancement of professional women in the visual arts
ArtTable Southern California members in front of Noah Purifoy’s “No Contest (bicycles)” (1991). This work was a part of the exhibition, Noah Purifoy: Junk Dada, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

ArtTable began in individual homes, at lunch and dinner tables in New York City in 1980. As founding member Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz said, “[ArtTable] seemed to take on a life of its own, and that was what was interesting….It was what the art world needed at a moment in time.”

Today, we are a national nonprofit organization with a mutual support network of over 1,200 women-identifying and nonbinary professionals throughout the United States and worldwide. We serve many members throughout the country and worldwide with the bulk of our members located in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Our expanding membership is inclusive of women and non-binary individuals in all stages of their careers who exemplify leadership in the administration, business, finance, management, promotion, scholarship, and stewardship of the visual arts. To learn more about our history, the pioneering women who have made up ArtTable’s membership, and the significant achievements they made together between 1980 and 2005, read Changing the Equation, ArtTable’s 25th Anniversary publication. To find out more about what we are working on today, see our upcoming programs, our impact initiative activities, and our annual benefit celebrations.   

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ArtTable is proud to be a W.A.G.E. Certified organization.

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