Kimari Jackson
Seattle Art Museum | Seattle, WA

Kimari Jackson was born and raised in Miami, Florida where her love for the arts grew at a young age from visiting museums and the influence from her father. She is currently working on her Master’s in Museum Studies and Historical Preservation at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida where she was also featured in the Citizens Curator Project at the University of Central Florida for er curated project “Black in White.” Kimari recently completed an Internship with the Bass Museum in Miami Beach, Florida as a Collections and Exhibitions Intern.

Project: Kimari will participate in an eight-week cross-departmental project with the Museum Services Division, Curatorial Division, and Museum Libraries to expand SAM’s permanent collection records within the museum’s collection management system, The Museum System (TMS). Specifically, Kimari will focus on researching and connecting audio and video content to existing SAM collection TMS records, which in turn populate the museum’s public-facing database, eMuseum. This involves working with various audio and video file types to ensure files are compatible with TMS, including editing media assets and establishing proper copyright use. Through this process, Kimari will create detailed documentation of her work that will function as a model for future TMS integration projects. This project will importantly give Kimari experience for developing better access and more transparency to digital assets, which is particularly important for all museums right now as the pandemic has increased a public need for virtual offerings.


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