Luyao Chang
The James Howell Foundation | New York, NY

Lulu Luyao Chang is a multimedia artist based in New York and currently studies at the School of Visual Arts in the MFA Photography, Video and Related Media program. Born in Japan, and raised in Beijing, they have been subjected to and struggled to overcome, a politics of the unsaid—whether through social norms or outright repression, many important issues surrounding sex, recognition, and labor are silenced in the places they have lived. Identifying as non-binary, and working primarily in installation art, they constantly strive to amplify the voices of China’s sexual minorities—from women to members of its often-repressed LGBTQ community—to make them heard within the blaring, chauvinist rhetoric of national becoming.

Project: Luyao will work within the archives and learn about the best practices for maintaining an artist’s estate, at a very special artist-endowed foundation.


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