Mya Bonilla
New Art Dealers Alliance, New York, NY

Mya Bonilla is an art activists whose work cannot be contained by a single discipline or motivation. She shape-shifts as an artist and scholar, curator and activist, arts administrator, educator and overall cultural innovator. Mya lends her experience in print media, advertising and public relations, Art and Public Politics to reimagine new spaces for black, queer, and trans femmes in arts, entertainment, and fashion places. Using her unique charisma and flare, she pumps her elusive yet impactful nature into her works, always leaving behind an heir of influence. In 2022, the young maven is founded The Girls PR Group, a media relations company committed to communicating the vantage for black, trans, and queer dreams. “It’s my passion to create an impactful picture. I produce projects that prompt power, responsibility, and urgency. Whether it’s a video, experience, or even an academic course. I am the helm of change and diverse storytelling across the digital media space.


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