Roxy Henriquez
The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY

Roxy Henriquez is an accomplished professional with a rich background in data management, youth program administration, and the visual arts. Henriquez has played pivotal roles in strategizing recruitment efforts across various education programs. Demonstrating a keen eye for detail, she ensures database quality control and resolves data inconsistencies, fostering efficient workflow and reporting procedures. Her proficiency extends to survey development and analysis, aiding in the creation and implementation of program evaluation tools.

Her visual arts background is evident in the care and creativity that shapes her approach to work, enhancing her contributions to the field. Roxy’s strongly held belief in the power of arts, education, and effective research is a driving force behind her work. She seamlessly connects data management with the arts to support youth development, leveraging her extensive experience working with children and families at various nonprofit organizations. This unique perspective allows her to use data-driven insights to create impactful educational programs that nurture young minds.

Her interest in collection management and recognition of the value of archival work in preserving cultural heritage further underscore her dedication to the arts. With a passion for utilizing data to drive meaningful educational initiatives, Roxy Henriquez continues to make significant contributions to the field of arts education, fostering growth and development in the next generation.


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