Yocari De los Santos
CALA Alliance (Celebración Artística de las Américas) | Phoenix, AZ

Yocari De Los Santos received her M.A in Latin American & Caribbean Studies with an Advance Certificate in Museum Studies from New York University in May 2022. With a deep focus on Latinx and Latin American contemporary artists, she contemplates the dynamic of what it is like to be an artist in contemporary America. She has recently completed a Curatorial Fellowship and has worked on other projects including a published blog post and a series of workshops on Critical Race Theory (CRT) at the Solomon R, Guggenheim Museum. The series of workshops focused on speaking about race in museum education. She is currently a Galley Guide for the Guggenheim Museum.

Project: Yocari will assist in program management of CALA’s programmatic offerings, including exhibitions, artist commissions, international residencies, performance series, and youth programs.


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